Kitchen Lighting Fixtures – 7 Different Types of Kitchen Lighting Fixtures


Kitchen Lighting Fixtures – 7 Different Types of Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen lighting fittings also known as luminaries, come in a huge array of styles, colours, shapes, and dimensions. This provides the consumer a large choice of illumination options to select from.

A number of the most Frequent Kinds of lighting fixtures are:

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Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fittings are made in a way to give general lighting to the whole kitchen. These fittings may also be wrapped within a breakfast nook or a table.


Chandeliers are also called suspension or chain-hung fittings. Like ceiling fixtures, fixtures can also be hung in the ceiling. But they need more space as well as incorporating more pizzazz in comparison with regular ceiling fittings. They supply general lighting and also have two arms using down-lights or up-lights.


Pendant kitchen lighting fittings are cosmetic fittings. They generally suspend from the ceiling and supply overall in addition to task lighting. Most kitchen designers favor putting them over counter regions or over islands in which dining, dialogue, baking in addition to food preparation happens. A fantastic case of pendant light fixtures is your mini-pendant, which is typically used for kitchen spaces and is about 12 inches or less. Another illustration is that the island lighting or multi-light pendant, which functions nicely larger spaces which need more light.

Wall lighting

Wall lighting are a form of kitchen lighting fittings which are generally mounted into the wall. They could either deliver accent, task or basic lighting. A number of the public places where wall lighting are utilized include on either side of a sheet of artwork, a decorative back-splash, or used to make a focus of a hutch.

Track Lighting

Also called railing lighting methods, this kind of kitchen lighting fixture has a vast assortment of design versatility. The track may be short or long, straight or curved. Spotlights, pendants, or additional kitchen lighting fittings can be hung out of the monitor at several points, instructions and heights to give accentlighting, task or overall lighting.

Recessed Lighting

This sort of kitchen fixture is the ideal selection for people who prefer discreet to decorative illumination. Recessed lighting can offer accent, or standard kitchen lighting.

Under Cabinet Fixtures

This sort of kitchen lighting comes in miniature track systems, slim strips, surface mounted, or little recessed discs called pucks. They may also be set up inside cupboards which have glass fronts.

Together with the aforementioned common kinds of kitchen lighting fittings available in many shops, all one must do is check her or his kitchen to ascertain the suitable lighting kind that will make the maximum desirable result.

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